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[EUIV] Reducing the Reduced reduction in cost of reducing Victoria 3 would be neat. I never played Victoria 2 because it looked even more obtuse than CK2 and EU4. I definitely have fun with subverting the flow of history, the Aztec Empire has been pretty fun. Also I really like the shade of green I have. EU4 Rekindling the Flames Timelapse - YouTube Dec 03, 2017 · Time -apse of my Run to Rekindle the Royal Flames, all the way to 1821. Started between the Kongo and the great Lakes African nations. Main Culture, Persian, though in retrospect it was very Man of the West - EU4: El Dorado - Development Diary 2 Jan 30, 2015 · As a free bonus, we’ve tweaked the Client State interface to use the new flags from the Nation Designer, replacing the single-color single-icon flags from Art of War. We’ve also made use of this system in the Revolution mechanics by having each nation generate a dynamic tricolor based on their national colors that will be used as their flag

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Man of the West - EU4: El Dorado - Development Diary 2:... | Facebook Welcome to the second development diary for Europa Universalis 4: El Dorado. Today we’ll only be talking about a single feature, but it’s probably the single biggest feature we’ve added to EU4 since launch: The Nation Designer. EU4 Expert Vassal Guide #1 Introduction - YouTube This is a SERIES of videos covering all aspects of efficient Vassal usage; Guide can be found here:

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eu4 vassal – EU4 console commands There Are many diverse techniques to vassalize a state. Nations could be induce vassalized at a Peace Treaty or could consent to vassalization using a diplomatic deal. They’re also able to receive freedom in the bigger country, just as an ordinary state or being a client condition. Europa Universalis IV modified defines file (common ... Europa Universalis IV modified defines file (common/defines.lua) - remove colonial nations - defines.lua Diplomatic relations and upkeep : eu4 - reddit

Adding development to overseas provinces through the slave trade is quite the interesting way to help jump-start colonial nations so they can compete with you later when they finally break away (Talking Extended-Timeline mod, In my current game I'm doing a Roman Run where I own ALL colonial nations, and even did a snaking-client state that ...

Diplomacy in EU4 is the system that involves all relations and actions with other nations.Relations can be increased through alliances, coalitions, common wars, common rivalries, decisions, events and having a diplomat improve relations. Relations are decreased by declaring war, being rivals, sending insults, having a different religion, breaking/dishonoring an alliance, events and decisions.

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